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Green Roof Safari

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It is an honour for me to announce:

New strategy for the first European green roof study tours.

postcard01-copy1 September, 2009 

The essential nature of the study tour will remain intact, providing access to countless and diverse projects, meetings with local experts, and extensive information and technology transfer facilitated by knowledgeable, multi-lingual guides.Given the expertise and professional network which define the study tour, group interests can be tailored with flexibility.

An original Stuttgarter, Jörg Breuning worked in the German green roof industry from apprenticeship through independent business for +29 years. He says, “I look forward to sharing the experiences and lessons learned from these projects with participants.”  Since 2003, Breuning has found great success with his U.S.-based Green Roof Service LLC.

Christine Thüring, who is Swiss-Canadian, enjoys combining her organizational efficacy and language skills with her 8 years’ green roof expertise. Deeply impressed by the positive learning impact experienced by participants, Thüring vowed to offer this service in the future. As intended, “Green Roof Safari fosters the spirit for sharing and community.”

Steven Peck, Founder and President of Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, the North American green roof industry association, comments that “tours are an excellent, perhaps the best, way to network and learn firsthand about green roof designs and programs in other countries.”



Jorg Breuning

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Green Roof Expert with 30 years of experience in working on green roofs.

Jörg Breuning works as one of the two owners of Green Roof Service LLC the first company in the United States specializing in professional green roof services. With his business partner Peter M. Philippi they have over 60 years combined green roof experience which is by far unmatched in the United States.

Jorg designed, specified, installed, supervised and monitored more extensive green roofs installations in Europe/Germany than there are currently in the entire USA (2009).


Jorg’s green roof career started in September 1980. In 1983 he announced one of his most important professional achievements. As one the first people in world he achieved his green roof professional accreditation offered by Optima, Dachbegrünungen the world’s leading supplier and manufacture at this time. Optima Dachbegrünungen developed the world first green roof professional education and accreditation system with tremendous success for an entire industry. Their accredited green roof professional education is now essential part of the 3 year landscaping apprenticeship or so called and dual education system for professional in Germany.

Optima Dachbegrünungen and today Optigrün AG continued to educated professional with the latest developments in modern green roof technology. Jörg was studying the technology and with his National certification and technician degree he was also teaching and presenting important aspects of green roofs. He developed many ideas which helped to progress an entire industry and he was part of leading green roof research (i.e. stormwater retentions simulation systems).


Jorg Breuning consulted the nation’s first green roof research program at Penn State University in State College.

He introduced the German FLL guideline (Green Roof Guideline) to the US and systematically helped to make American’s aware of modern green roof technology since 1989. As an independent green roof consultant he provided key information, site supervision and hands on training for many award winning projects like Chicago City Hall, Chicago, IL, Chicago Green Technology Centre, Chicago, IL, Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, Chicago, IL, Oaklyn Branch Library, Evansville, IN, Heinz 57 Center, Corporate Headquarters, Pittsburgh, PA, Carnegie Mellon University, MV Celebrity Solstice Cruise Ship.


He teaches and lectures at universities, colleges, municipalities, organizations, associations and architects so to speak at Toronto Botanical Garden, New York botanical Garden, GRHC conferences, Sustainable South Bronx New York, The Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation, Westmoreland Conservation District, Roofscapes Inc. conference, FBB Association, Tecta America Company meeting, Royal Caribbean / Celebrity Cruises, Earth Pledge Foundation, Rotary Club Bel Air, A3C Architects, Lancaster County/City and much more.


Jorg’s knowledge is also incorporated in many brochures, company information, text books and reference books such as Green Roof Handbook RCT, Skyland USA LLC, Cetco Garden Roof Assembly, “Green Roof Plants” by Ed Snodgrass, Germany FLL Guideline, FBB Association, selection of papers on “Tree of Knowledge” at Green Roofs for Healthy Cities North America, at ASTM and SPRI standards.


While having a strong focus on modern green roof technology Jorg’s views, knowledge and expertise is also rooted in many other environmental technologies especially when related to live plants and organisms like, Green Walls, Green Rail Road Tracks, nature swimming pools, advanced composting techniques, solar, wind and alternative energy, recycling opportunities and systems. Most of these German and European based techniques, systems and technologies are decades ahead of most American “green” ideas.


Jorg Breuning certainly understands his world leader ship and being the first green roof experts in the United States of America. He is proud to be mentor and supporter for most of the early key players in the American green roof market including the North American Green Roof Association (GRHC).


…experience matters

Jörg Breuning

Jörg Breuning